Learn to "Speak Wolf!" and the Universal Language of Love...
Because there is a god in every dog's life.
Ho'ano ola
With reverence for life

What is efil’s god?

efil’s god (spelled backward is dog’s life, because we believe there is a god in every dog’s life), is an organization dedicated to understanding and respecting all animals, human and non human, via the everyday lessons that we learn from our own dogs. These lessons teach us how to live in harmony and balance through a universal language of love that we call “Speak Wolf!”

efil’s god is a global partnership of groups, organizations and individuals who are committed to serving every one and any one through a love for all animals, in animals’ BEST and HIGHEST interest.

In this effort, we animal lovers of the world will unite to serve one and other, through our global partnership.

Our Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is simple: to unite in partnership, share information, ideas, philosophies and service for the good of all animals, human and non human.

Our Commitment to Serve

Through service to others, we learn that we ultimately serve our selves, and every one. efil’s god is committed to serving every one through our commitment to serve all animals.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Any group, organization or individual interested in serving animals anywhere, through their love for and of animals, is eligible to participate in this global partnership, however, not just any one will be accepted.

As long as the intention is of pure love (which can include for profit and not for profit groups, organizations and individuals), the group, organization or individual will be considered for participation as part of this global network.

How Do We Define Pure Love?

The key question to be considered for participation is this: Is the intention of the group, organization or individual one of pure love?

For the purposes of efil’s god global network of partners, we define pure love as this:

All in all, IT serves the absolute best interest of all, one by one.

What to Expect After Submitting Your Application to Be a Global Partner

We are, at present, a small, but quickly and purposefully growing organization. We will get back to you as soon as possible and let you know next steps.

For now, you can expect this:

  • There are no fees or dues involved, however, there will be contributions from the for profit partners to not for profit members.

  • There will be many rounds of interviews, via telephone and email, and ultimately in person, which may include personal expenses to the group, organization or individual – this simply means normal expenses associated with doing business as usual.

  • There will be opportunity for trade and exchange of business and service.

  • There will be future training programs, meetings, seminars and summits which may require that some expenses be paid by the particular group, organization or individual.

In the meantime, it is certainly free to submit an application, which will be used for NO OTHER purposes, in the effort to explore the possibilities…

"One small step for man, one giant step for mankind."
--Neil Armstrong

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